Thursday, November 17, 2011

Pop Quiz!

Quite a while ago I happened on a blog post by Robert Armitage of the New York Public Library. Mr. Armitage writes evocative, highly readable posts on the NYPL blog about writers, libraries, films, New York City and the fate of the paper-and-cardboard books in the age of e-readers. 

He also publishes the occasional quiz, one of which served as my introduction to his work. The “Reader, I married him” literary quiz is not only a fun way to test yourself—see how many of these quotations you can identify—but is also likely to bring back memories of works you’ve read or enjoyed, as well as those you’d like to pick up at your next visit to the library.  Mr. Armitage also challenges readers with a “He Said/She Said” literary quiz (see if you can identify whether the author is male or female) and for film buffs, the “You’re gonna need a bigger boat” quiz!

Extra Credit: Can you name the play, the role, and the actor?

Note: My scores on Mr. Armitage’s quizzes were, respectively, a humbling 13 out of 25 correct responses on the ID-the-literary-work quiz and a more satisfactory 12 out of 15 answers correct on the gender quiz!


  1. I love quizzes! I didn't do very well on the Reader, I Married Him quiz - only 9 correct! When I checked the answers, I discovered I had read most of the works... but alas, could not identify them.

    I didn't take the He Said/She Said quiz. I would just be guessing.

    But I scored 20 out of 25 on the movie quiz.

    Extra credit: it's Sarah Bernhardt as Hamlet.

    And now I am going back to the beginning of the blog to get caught up with you.

  2. My performance on the movie quiz has moved me to add to the Netflix queue!