Saturday, February 2, 2013

Reading List – International Edition

Although I’ve read thousands of books by North American and English authors, I can’t say the same about literature from many of the world’s other 196+ countries. My reading experience has definitely not been as worldly as I would like it to be. Time to branch out.

(While one book can hardly begin to represent the literature of an entire nation, over the next few weeks, I’m going to see how many countries are represented on my “already read list.”)

Book suggestions are welcome.


  1. Interesting question! I'm sure the number of countries on my already-read list is paltry, too.

    There's a bit of a cheat in non-US countries that are at least partly English-language - Peter Carey is Australian, Nadine Gordimer writes in English from South Africa, Roddy Doyle or William Trevor can cover Ireland, Margaret Atwood covers Canada. Although you did say "North American and English," so you might be thinking US + Commonwealth countries. In which case my list is even smaller! Tiny!

    I hope you post an update.

  2. Really just thinking of England, US, and Canada (the latter probably constituting no more than 5 or 6 novels.)

    I agree, the issue of "partly English-language" writers makes things more complicated. Another interesting issue, writers from one culture who live in another. For example, I read the book "The Slap" last year by Chris Tsiolkas. He's an Australian, but the novel was primarily about people of Greek origin or descent. Yet I certainly wouldn't consider this a Greek novel.